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Moola For You: Fundraising Opportunity for Your Organization

Great news! The AV Fair & Event Center has expanded their Pre-Sale Ticket Fundraising program a.k.a. Moola For You to local community organizations in the Antelope Valley!

The Program
Qualified organizations or groups can earn money by simply giving family and friends a URL to purchase tickets to the AV Fair & Alfalfa Festival (8/17-8/26). Participating groups or organizations can earn $2 for each ticket purchased before July 1st and $1 for each ticket through August 16th simply by having fair ticket purchasers use their designated online URL. Admission tickets, Carnivals wristbands, or season passes are all eligible!

The AV Fair & Event Center’s unique fundraising opportunity aligns with our commitment to enrich the lives of all in our community, providing experiences, opportunities, and a chance to achieve. Our Pre-Sale Fundraising opportunity is now available to local schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations and groups, providing a simple, fun, and profitable way to increase fundraising revenues that will benefit our community at large.

Start by filling out an application HERE!
Use avfair.com/fundraising as a source for any marketing materials you may need to promote your URL!

Happy Fundraising!

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30th Annual Home Show in the Antelope Valley (Lancaster, CA)

Are you a new homeowner? Or are you looking to revamp your home?
Find all the resources you need at the AV Fair & Event Center’s 30th Annual Home Show. Admission is FREE for the Home Show on Friday, March 16, Noon-5:00p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, March 17th &18th from 9:00a.m.-4:00p.m.  Daily Parking: $5.00.

This year’s Home Show will feature OVER 150 vendors and crafters! Get all your questions answered dealing with your home’s appearance, comfort, or functionality and watch live seminars all 3 days (schedule HERE). Our professional Home Show exhibitors will showcase and demonstrate their products and offer time and money-saving advice. NEW to the Home Show is the SMART (Sustainable, Manageable, Attractive, Responsible, Timely) Water Conservation Expo which will feature vendors and seminars relevant to those who are interested in gardening, landscaping, and conserving water.

For the Kids!
Saturday and Sunday is the NEW Kids Fun Faire! This fun “zone” includes a huge Safari inflatable Obstacle Course, Slide, Bounce House, Climbing Wall, Carnival Games and Concession Stand with souvenirs. Kids 12 & under can also enjoy a free ice cream treat, while supplies last, sponsored by California Dairy Distributors at the AV Fair & Event Center booth.

Free tomato plants will be available, one per person, and pet adoptions will be conducted by the L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control, in the R. Rex Parris Show Arena on Saturday and Sunday.

For chances to WIN!
Attendees interested in winning tickets to the Palmdale Auto Mall Concert Series, Rally Kia Arena events and General Admission to the A.V. Fair (8/17 to 8/26/2018), are encouraged to do so at the AV Fair & Event Center Home Show booth.  Winners for Fair tickets will be drawn, one per hour, during all 3 days of the show.  Winners need not be present to win Fair tickets.

Don’t forget to enter our $200 Gift Card giveaway HERE.  The $200 Gift Cards will be given away during the show; winners must be present. The deadline to enter online at AVFair.com is March 15, 2018.

We have a lot to see at the 30th Annual Home Show! See you there!

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How to Deal with a Bridezilla

Photo by Stephanie Padovani

Bridezillas can be a bit much from time to time. One minute you’re picking out colors for invitations with your beautiful partner and then all of a sudden… *SKREEEONGK!!* You turn around hastily to see the love of your life growing taller, skin turning green and red hot anger burning in their eyes! You try to calm them down stating any color is fine, but it’s too late. The building erupts into flames and your only option is to RUN!

Now, of course your bride-to-be won’t grow into a giant 200 ft. lizard monster but they may turn into someone you don’t recognize. Relax, the person you fell in love with is still in there. Planning a wedding for a bride can be stressful to say the least, so it’s common and understandable for them to act, well, like a 200 ft. lizard monster from time to time. Below are some tips and tricks on how to deal with a bridezilla.

  1. Wait until they are calm
    The worst thing you can do is call out your bride while they are being a bridezilla. Wait until they have calmed down to address the situation. Usually they’ll realize how they were acting after getting some time and space to gather their thoughts and feelings. So for both your sakes, give them space!
  1. Stay cool and positive
    Meeting anger with anger is never a good thing. Getting angry and talking back to your bride can make the situation escalate into something that I’m sure you both don’t want. Staying cool and positive while they act up is the best option you can do.
    “But what if they get mad because I’m being cool and positive?” Still, stick with what you’re doing. Even if they don’t apologize, eventually they will calm down and notice that you were only trying to help.
  1. Try to help them relax
    They are working hard on making sure that the wedding is everything they have ever dreamed of, and making dreams reality can take a lot out of a person. Make sure to set some time aside to have them relax. No one knows your significant other like you. Use that knowledge to come up with ideas to help them relax in this stressful situation, like a massage or a nice evening out.

Photo from Lily’s Bridal Blog

No matter how they act, just remember, it’s the stress talking, not them. Be there for them whenever they need you and make sure that you do everything you can to lessen the amount of stress on your bride-to-be. It’s your wedding just as much as it is theirs, so help take some of the responsibility.

Maybe you and your bride are stuck and don’t know how to move forward with your wedding planning. Good news! The AV Fair and Event Center Bridal Show is this Sunday, Jan. 28th, 2018, from noon-5pm.  Stop by the A.V. Fair and Event Center booth to meet our consultants to help plan your wedding here at the fairgrounds!  More details here.

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Trials of Trevor: How To Choose a Best Man

Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

Choosing your groomsmen is typically a no brainer. They usually consist of a brother, best friend, cousins, friends from elementary school, or even college roommates. But how do you choose just one person out of a list of groomsmen? There is no right answer to that question, but I do know of some advice to help.

What if I have a brother?

Great! Choose your brother. Who else is deserving of such an honorary title? But if you’re not that close to your brother for one reason or another, then tell them upfront as to why you decided to pick someone else. Try not to create any drama for your own wedding.

What if I have two equally great best friends?

If you have two best friends and you know that choosing one over the other would bruise an ego, then have two best men! You can pick both to be your best man and delegate who does what. One groomsman can hold the rings while another can give the speech and plan the bachelor party. Or any other way that you see fit.

What if I have a best friend that is a girl?

If your family and especially your fiancé is okay with it, then there shouldn’t be a problem. But an alternate would be to ask your fiancé if your best friend could be a bridesmaid. If you’re that close with her, then she and your fiancé should have developed a friendship within that time.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough – try and keep things simple!   I mean, for most part, the best man’s responsibilities aren’t very complicated. They hold the rings, give a toast and put together the groom’s bachelor party. The point is no need to complicate something that doesn’t need to be complicated.

Looking for another way to get your groomsmen involved? Bring them along to sample some delicious cakes at the Antelope Valley Fair & Event Center’s 14th Annual Bridal Show on January 28th. More info here.



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Trials of Trevor: Writing Your Own Vows

(Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash)

If you’re anything like me, you hate giving speeches. The thought of having a sea of people all watching you as you spill your heart out is a bit nerve-racking, even if that sea is filled with your closest family and friends. But that moment when your significant other’s face lights up while you speak what’s in your heart is worth fighting yourself to deliver the vows that your bride or groom deserves. They deserve the world, so make it known to the world.

Now wouldn’t it be awesome if the speech you gave were your own words? Your own thoughts and feelings being spoken as you profess your love for this person in front of you. Coming up with a speech so personal can be daunting, especially since you envision your vows to be the best vows that anyone has EVER written. Vows that make everyone tear up and go, “WOW, I never knew *insert your name here* was such a poet!” To help you out I have some tips and tricks below to make sure your vows say everything you want to say.

  • Read examples and take notes
    Read traditional vows to see how they are structured. If you practice a certain faith it’ll be a good idea to read vows spoken for those weddings. Now try and incorporate what you’ve read with what you initially want to write, to come up with a jumping-off point.
  • Reflect on your fiancé’ & relationship
    How did you meet? Where was the first time you told each other, “I love you”? How did this person help you grow? What do you want to accomplish together? These are some questions you can ask yourself to help find key points to bring up in your vows.
  • Write it all out
    Take everything that you’ve read/thought about and write it out. Establish your first draft and write exactly what you want to say. Try to avoid cliché’s. Take a quote that is famous and re word it to fit who you are and how you would say that quote. It’s okay to borrow from outside sources but just try and make sure that what you have written down sounds like you and not that one poet you read in 3rd grade.
  • Remember, you’re saying this out loud with an audience
    Don’t put anything that could embarrass you or your fiancé. You wouldn’t want an angry fiancé because you told a story of how they fell down face first in some mud. Also, try and keep your vows as short as you can. You don’t want it to drag on and potentially lose the meaning that you’ve worked so hard to implement.
  • Practice reading it out loud
    It’ll be a little weird to read your vows aloud but just do it. It’ll help you find run on sentences and keep you sounding conversational rather than sounding like you’re reading from a prompt.

I hope that these tips help you write the vows that make you and your significant other can be proud of 10 years from now. Remember, January 28th is the Antelope Valley Fair & Event Center’s 14th Annual Bridal Show where you can find all your wedding needs to plan your memorable event! More details here!



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