Email address is email information from the table below and

The main telephone number is (661) 948-6060

Name Title Email Extension
Dan Jacobs General Manager jacobs
Debbie Smith Deputy Manager debbie ext. 120
Jennifer Murad Accounting Administrator jennifer ext. 110
Trevor Deal Designer trevor ext. 137
Melissa Duenas Marketing Specialist melissa ext. 131
Samantha Schmitz Events Coordinator samantha ext. 109
Susie Merkler Turf Club Manager susie ext. 180
Danielle Potts Bingo Manager danielle ext. 202
Jim Rush Maintenance Operations Supervisor jim ext. 300
Pat Rush RV Park Manager pat ext. 227
Mike Shuck Interim Events and Vendor Manager mike ext. 150
Linda Erb Special Events and Entry Office Manager linda or entryoffice ext. 123
Mitchell Chase Business Development and Sales mitch