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Bridezillas can be a bit much from time to time. One minute you’re picking out colors for invitations with your beautiful partner and then all of a sudden… *SKREEEONGK!!* You turn around hastily to see the love of your life growing taller, skin turning green and red hot anger burning in their eyes! You try to calm them down stating any color is fine, but it’s too late. The building erupts into flames and your only option is to RUN!

Now, of course your bride-to-be won’t grow into a giant 200 ft. lizard monster but they may turn into someone you don’t recognize. Relax, the person you fell in love with is still in there. Planning a wedding for a bride can be stressful to say the least, so it’s common and understandable for them to act, well, like a 200 ft. lizard monster from time to time. Below are some tips and tricks on how to deal with a bridezilla.

  1. Wait until they are calm
    The worst thing you can do is call out your bride while they are being a bridezilla. Wait until they have calmed down to address the situation. Usually they’ll realize how they were acting after getting some time and space to gather their thoughts and feelings. So for both your sakes, give them space!
  1. Stay cool and positive
    Meeting anger with anger is never a good thing. Getting angry and talking back to your bride can make the situation escalate into something that I’m sure you both don’t want. Staying cool and positive while they act up is the best option you can do.
    “But what if they get mad because I’m being cool and positive?” Still, stick with what you’re doing. Even if they don’t apologize, eventually they will calm down and notice that you were only trying to help.
  1. Try to help them relax
    They are working hard on making sure that the wedding is everything they have ever dreamed of, and making dreams reality can take a lot out of a person. Make sure to set some time aside to have them relax. No one knows your significant other like you. Use that knowledge to come up with ideas to help them relax in this stressful situation, like a massage or a nice evening out.

Photo from Lily’s Bridal Blog

No matter how they act, just remember, it’s the stress talking, not them. Be there for them whenever they need you and make sure that you do everything you can to lessen the amount of stress on your bride-to-be. It’s your wedding just as much as it is theirs, so help take some of the responsibility.

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