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If you’re anything like me, you hate giving speeches. The thought of having a sea of people all watching you as you spill your heart out is a bit nerve-racking, even if that sea is filled with your closest family and friends. But that moment when your significant other’s face lights up while you speak what’s in your heart is worth fighting yourself to deliver the vows that your bride or groom deserves. They deserve the world, so make it known to the world.

Now wouldn’t it be awesome if the speech you gave were your own words? Your own thoughts and feelings being spoken as you profess your love for this person in front of you. Coming up with a speech so personal can be daunting, especially since you envision your vows to be the best vows that anyone has EVER written. Vows that make everyone tear up and go, “WOW, I never knew *insert your name here* was such a poet!” To help you out I have some tips and tricks below to make sure your vows say everything you want to say.

  • Read examples and take notes
    Read traditional vows to see how they are structured. If you practice a certain faith it’ll be a good idea to read vows spoken for those weddings. Now try and incorporate what you’ve read with what you initially want to write, to come up with a jumping-off point.
  • Reflect on your fiancé’ & relationship
    How did you meet? Where was the first time you told each other, “I love you”? How did this person help you grow? What do you want to accomplish together? These are some questions you can ask yourself to help find key points to bring up in your vows.
  • Write it all out
    Take everything that you’ve read/thought about and write it out. Establish your first draft and write exactly what you want to say. Try to avoid cliché’s. Take a quote that is famous and re word it to fit who you are and how you would say that quote. It’s okay to borrow from outside sources but just try and make sure that what you have written down sounds like you and not that one poet you read in 3rd grade.
  • Remember, you’re saying this out loud with an audience
    Don’t put anything that could embarrass you or your fiancé. You wouldn’t want an angry fiancé because you told a story of how they fell down face first in some mud. Also, try and keep your vows as short as you can. You don’t want it to drag on and potentially lose the meaning that you’ve worked so hard to implement.
  • Practice reading it out loud
    It’ll be a little weird to read your vows aloud but just do it. It’ll help you find run on sentences and keep you sounding conversational rather than sounding like you’re reading from a prompt.

I hope that these tips help you write the vows that make you and your significant other can be proud of 10 years from now. Remember, January 28th is the Antelope Valley Fair & Event Center’s 14th Annual Bridal Show where you can find all your wedding needs to plan your memorable event! More details here!



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