The A.V. Fair has added a 3rd day of Bingo in the Turf Club, T.G.I.F.B. (Thank God It’s Friday Bingo)!!  Starting, Friday night, November 10,  players can enjoy Bingo on WednesDAYS, Thursday NIGHTS, and Friday NIGHTS!

The Turf Club features a full bar and café in a carpeted, spacious room featuring highly visible screens, excellent sound system and indoor smoking area.
See below for more details!

Doors open: 8:30AM
Early Bird: 10:00AM
Regular Bingo: 10:30AM
Free Parking

$25 all you can play Bingo

Early Bird
: $100
Regular Games: $250
Each Special: $300
12 games will be played, plus a winner takes all!

Thursday & Friday NIGHT
Doors open: 4:30PM
Early Bird: 6:00PM
Regular Bingo: 6:30PM
Free Parking

1 pack: $20
2 Packs: $33
3 Packs: $41
Additional Packs: $8

Early Bird
: $100
Regular Games: $300
Each Special: $500
With a Progressive Pick 5!

With more fun and more chances to win, kick start your weekends with T.G.I.F.B!

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