Volunteer Mission Statement

To serve, promote and support the interests of the Antelope Valley Fair and to always represent the organization with the utmost of integrity. Members are motivated to give back to the community through activities sponsored by the fair.

Volunteers are organized for the purpose of furthering the goals and objectives of the Antelope Valley Fair and its’ related events. It is the general policy of the fair to utilize, in the fiscal year subsequent to which it is earned, the excess of its revenue over expenses for the furtherance of its’ mission, including the granting and/or funding of scholarships, educational endowments, and the funding of capital additions and improvements to our facility.

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Volunteer Interest Form

Interested in volunteering with the fair? Please fill out the form below and indicate your areas of interest.

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All volunteers may be required to have a background check and a live finger print scan.

If you are under 18 years of age, we will need your parent’s or guardian’s signature when you fill out the form.

Volunteers 14 years of age and under will need adult supervision.